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Franklin Forward: Beginning to Lay the Foundation for the Franklin of the Future

We officially launched the 2017-18 School Year at Franklin Middle on Friday, August 25th

Teachers, administration, and staff kicked things off with conversations about Franklin Forward: our collective vision for the school we want, and believe our students deserve, in the near future.  We know that to build anything of worth takes time, consideration, and planning and those plans start now.  We will be exploring staff’s hopes and dreams for our school and students throughout the early parts of this year.  Your thoughts and dreams for the school – parents and members of the Franklin Middle community – will also be instrumental in building this future. 


We discussed two key components of that vision.  1) That at its core – the “spine” as author Mike Schmoker calls it – is a strong foundation in literacy instruction.  What it means to be literate has changed quite a bit since I was in school; being literate in the 21stcentury means having a dynamic mix of abilities and competencies – what the National Council for Teachers Education calls multiple literacies. These literacies are across all contents in the building and go beyond reading and writing to incorporate creating and discussing and thinking, often mandating that students be able to process many streams of information at the same time. 


Great literacy instruction doesn’t happen without planning and expertise, so we will be spending the year – across all contents – working to understand and establish the conditions needed for these multiple literacies to thrive at Franklin Middle.


2) That student empowerment is critical to achieving the vision we ultimately set forth in Franklin Forward.  That each student in our building deserves to have their voice heard.  That student stories and experiences and how each student learns best is critical to our understanding of how best to teach. That Franklin will be as strong as each student makes it, and that our job is to make each of them, and thus us, stronger.  Actively and consistently.


With literacy and empowerment at its foundation, we will together build first our vision of the very best school Franklin can be and then our plan for getting there.  We more than welcome your input on Franklin Forward – we need it!  We are in the process of developing ways to capture your thoughts and ideas, so watch this space in the coming months!!!!


As always, thank you for your active engagement in Franklin Middle and the Franklin community!



FMS Principal

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